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Reclaiming Urine as a Resource

Nov. 7-9, 2023

The Rich Earth Institute’s annual Summit is a global gathering for advancing the field of urine nutrient reclamation. The Summit brings together researchers, practitioners, policy makers, industry leaders, students, and enthusiasts, catalyzing new collaborations and partnerships as we continue to grow the body of knowledge about this innovative practice.


This 3-day event will feature presentations on the technology, regulation, design, culture, and art of urine reclamation as well as opportunities for networking and collaboration. Recordings will be available after the event.

Join the conversation about reclaiming human urine as a sustainable fertilizer!
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Keynote Speaker

Fabien ESCULIER_plan poitrine.jpg

Fabien Esculier

Fabien Esculier is the coordinator of the action research program OCAPI 

and a researcher at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech in the LEESU laboratory.


As a higher-level civil servant of the French Ministry of Ecology, he worked for 6 years for various public institutions in the water sector. In 2014, he set up the OCAPI action research program, which aims to study and support the socio-ecological transition of food/excretion systems, and in particular to investigate the potential for a paradigm shift in the management of human urine and feces through source separation and agricultural valorization. He defended his thesis in March 2018 on this topic. He is now the coordinator of a multidisciplinary action research team (biogeochemistry, agronomy, sociology, anthropology, geopolitics, territorial ecology...). The OCAPI program has become a publicly funded national resource centre for source separation.

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