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Keynote Speaker

Chelsea Wald  - "Pipe Dream to Mainstream: Reporting on the Urine Revolution"

Science journalist Chelsea Wald is the author of the book Pipe Dreams: The Urgent Global Quest to Transform the Toilet (Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster, 2021) and the Nature feature The urine revolution: how recycling pee could help to save the world (2022). 


Jiaxi Jiang, University of Technology Sydney

Feasibility study of powdered activated carbon membrane bioreactor (PAC-MBR) for source-separated urine treatment: a comparison with MBR

Weonjung Sohn, University of Technology Sydney

Membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis hybrid process for a green fertiliser production

Sudeep Popat, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, Clemson University

Electrochemical urine stabilization with concomitant phosphorus recovery using magnesium anodes and peroxide-producing cathodes

Greg Caporaso, Northern Arizona University

Bacterial succession in human fecal waste composting

Cristiane Kopp, Laufen Bathrooms AG

Valentin Aubois-Liogier, CITERES/DATE, University of Tours

Urocyclus, Overview of an Ongoing Urine Recycling Project

Nadège de Chambrier, VunaNexus AG

VunaNexus: examples of large scale applications of urine nitrification 

Sarah Neher, Syracuse University

A glimpse into global sanitation justice initiatives

Umakanth Badeti, University of Technology Sydney

Estimation of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and process design for pretreatment of source separated urine at a decentralised wastewater treatment plant

Luis Perez-Mercado; Prithvi Simha, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Universidad Mayor de San Simon

Nutrient stocks, flows and balances for the Bolivian agri-food system: Can recycling human urine close the nutrient circularity gap?

Jennifer McConville, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Egestabase – Navigating technologies for recovery and reuse of plant nutrients from human excreta and wastewater

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