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Golden Droplet Awards

Students, K-12: Create a project about peecycling and/or compost toilets! Document your project and submit it to the Rich Earth Institute to be entered into the annual Rich Earth Summit.

Peecycling is the practice of collecting human urine and recycling it into fertilizer (plant food). Why? Urine contains nutrients plants need to grow! When we flush urine, these nutrients go into our waterways and become pollution. If we collect our urine instead, we can put these nutrients to work to help farms grow more food.

The Rich Earth Summit is an annual conference all about peecycling. The Summit is a hybrid event (in-person and virtual) held on Nov 12 - 14, 2024.

Ex(pee)rimental Design: Students explore the effects of urine fertilizer on plants, soil, and water--experimenting with different amounts of urine and dilution levels, practicing careful plant observation, comparing how fertilized and unfertilized plants differ in yield, development, plant/insect interactions, disease etc. Rich Earth can provide small amounts of pasteurized urine to interested classrooms in the local Brattleboro-area. Example: The Putney School’s freshman class participates in an annual "Pee Lab" where students design mini-experiments to compare the effects of different soil amendments on lettuce.


Persuasive Writing: Students create a presentation to convince the school why they should install urine diverting toilets, outlining the benefits and logistical feasibility. Example: A Brattleboro Union High School student created a presentation to advocate for the installation of urine diverting toilets as part of the school’s sustainability planning.


Social Research: Students practice creating and implementing surveys or interviews to explore attitudes towards the use of urine as a fertilizer. Example questions: Would people feel comfortable eating food grown on crops that have been fertilized with urine? What words for communicating about urine fertilization do people prefer?


Ask Your Elder: Students talk to older family members/friends about their knowledge of or experiences with using urine as a fertilizer. Write down and/or draw their stories.


Choose a Format

1-5 minute video summarizing your project


5-10 page slideshow about your project (present live during the Summit)


Trifold poster (submit clear images of the poster)

Email to:

by September 30.

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